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Satellite Internet Sharing Solution

So you have an Internet connection, but how do you connect multiple computers to that connection, ban inappropriate websites, protect your systems from hackers, and make your network secure on a limited budget? —Get OrbitNet

Optimize Your Satellite Internet Connection
Simultaneously connect all your computers to the Internet with one Internet connection, eliminate multiple dial-ups, IP addresses and hardware. Supports both DirecPC and Starband.

Protect Your Network with a Secure Firewall & Virus Protection
Orbit Internet Sharing Solution's secure firewall keeps outside hackers from accessing your confidential information. Server-side virus protection stops Net-borne viruses before they reach your network.*

User Controls & Site Filtering
Not every website is suitable for general viewing. Orbit Internet Sharing Solution puts you in control of website access with white list, blacklist and SmartFilter options.*

Single Point of Management
Orbit Internet Sharing Solution installs on just one of your network PC's. Its intelligent Install Wizard does away with network jargon and makes installation simple.

Gain Speed by Caching
Most businesses and households access the same pages on a regular basis. Orbit Internet Sharing Solution caches the sites that you surf, speeding up your Internet connection and making bandwidth available for other activities.

A Cost Effective & Simple Solution
Saves money by eliminating multiple phone lines, modems and user accounts. Orbit Internet Sharing Solution is expandable and can grow with your business. An intelligent Install Wizard makes installation simple.


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System Requirements & Compatibility

Orbit Internet Sharing Solution Technology

* Virus protection and site filtering are included free with purchase of Orbit Internet Sharing Solution for the first 6 months. Purchase of subscription is necessary after this period to use these features.

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