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OrbitNet Computer

Client Computers

OrbitNet Computer

Do I need to run OrbitNet on all the machines on my network, or only on the computer connected to the Internet?
You only run OrbitNet on the computer that is connected to the Internet.

Then doesn't the OrbitNet computer have to be a Server?
OrbitNet will run on just about any computer. OrbitNet is a proxy server, but in this context 'server' describes OrbitNet's relation to other software on the network, not the type of computer that it runs on.

What else do I need on my computer to run OrbitNet?
OrbitNet will need two network connections - an external connection (to the internet) and an internal connection to rest of your local network, usually via a network card. The external connection can be either a second network card or the Dial-Up Adapter already on your computer. Both of these connections will need to be configured to use the TCP/IP protocol.

When do I need a second Network Card?
If your computer connects to the internet through a network card, then you will need a second card to connect to your local network. For example, most DSL and Cable modems connect to your computer through a network card. You would need one card for the modem and one for the rest of the network. You cannot connect the modem to a hub; if you do, you lose your firewall and all sorts of other things break.

Client Computers

What do I need on my client computers?

No special “client” software is required. Each of the computers on your local network will need to have the TCP/IP protocol installed so that their Internet applications can communicate with OrbitNet. This protocol is a part of every Windows operating system. As long as your local network is configured properly, most applications will work through the Transparent Proxy with no changes to their settings. The client computer network card settings can be found at our Tech Support site.

Do my client computers have to be running Microsoft Windows?
No, they don’t. Any computer that is capable of using the TCP/IP protocol can be a client. This includes Macs, OS/2, Unix, Linux, and just about any other you can think of. The rule is: if it can connect to the Internet without OrbitNet, it can also work as a client.

What does 'three users' mean, exactly?
OrbitNet will allow simultaneous connections from three different computers. If you have several applications running at the same time on a single computer, it still counts as one connection. The OrbitNet computer itself is a special case. The applications on this computer will only count against the limit if they are configured to go through the proxy; if they are left to go straight out they will not count against the limit. This configuration will allow a total of four computers to access the internet simultaneously, though you give up the convenience of having a single program handle the dialing when you do so.

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