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Internet Sharing Solution Overview
Orbit Internet Sharing Solution solutions are available in 3, 5, 10, 25 and Unlimited user editions.

Orbit Internet Sharing Solution provides everything you need to simultaneously connect all your computers to the Internet through just one simple connection with your existing service provider. Plus, it includes innovative features like a built-in firewall, centralized anti-virus protection, website filtering and user privileges to put you in complete control of Internet access.

New Transparent Proxy Technology
Orbit Internet Sharing Solution combines the simplicity of Network Address Translation with the flexibility and control of a proxy server. This eliminates the need to re-configure applications or install special software on each client computer while preserving the ability to control and actually enhance Internet access for your entire network. And, built-in DNS and DHCP servers eliminate network configuration making installation a breeze for even a novice.

Simple to set-up
Orbit Internet Sharing Solution’s new transparent proxy technology gets you up and running in minutes by eliminating the complexity of traditional Internet sharing schemes. Simply install Orbit Internet Sharing Solution on just one of your network’s PCs. Its intelligent Install Wizard does away with network jargon and automatically verifies your Internet connection settings.

Simultaneous and Transparent Access
With Orbit Internet Sharing Solution there’s no special software to install on each computer, and no need to configure individual applications. Simply open your browser or other Internet application and you’re automatically connected to the Internet. And, it works with all your favorite applications including e-mail, chat, NetMeeting — even online games.

Secure Firewall and Anti-Virus Protection
Orbit Internet Sharing Solution protects your entire network against Internet intruders and Net borne viruses. Choose from pre-defined Firewall security settings or customize your own. Its built-in anti-virus protection(2) guards against malicious code in e-mail attachments and Internet downloads, allowing you to stop infected files from entering your network.

Block access to undesirable websites
Orbit Internet Sharing Solution’s comprehensive site filtering allows you to block access to sites containing objectionable material. Predefined lists are updated regularly and cover sex, hate speech, criminal intent, extreme or drugs.(3) Twenty-two additional categories may be added for maximum security. An additional Whitelist option only allows access to the sites you specify.

Set user privileges
With Orbit Internet Sharing Solution, you’re in control over who gets on the Net. Limit access by time of the day or individual computers by specific activities such as browsing, chat or e-mail.

Faster page loading
Advanced network-wide HTTP and DNS caching gives every user accelerated access to frequently visited sites.

Technical support

Even an expert needs help from time to time. Orbit Internet Sharing Solution includes technical support via e-mail or its comprehensive online SupportBase.

Additional Orbit Internet Sharing Solution Features

  • Saves money by eliminating multiple phone lines, modems, and user accounts
  • Works with any ISP including AOL(1)
  • Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me compatible
  • Works with satellite, cable modems, DSL, modems, ISDN, Frame Relay, T1-T3, wireless
  • Supports virtually any PC network including Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me built-in networking and phoneline networks
  • Does not require a dedicated server
  • Automatically runs in background
  • Supports Mac and Unix/Linux clients
  • Internet gaming - supports most online games
  • Supports all popular e-Mail clients including Eudora and Outlook and multiple mail servers
  • Banner Blocker stops unwanted ads from loading
  • Automatically connects and disconnects from Internet as required
  • View all active Internet connections in real time
  • Maintains a historical log of all connections
  • Supports e-mail and Web servers located behind the Firewall
  • Proxy cascading and mapped port support

1. Multiple users may simultaneously access the Internet through a single AOL account. Requires a separate AOL account for each user wishing to access AOL’s proprietary OnLine Channels at the same time.

2. Includes free six month subscription to Trend Micro’s anti-virus pattern file updates.

3. Includes free six month subscription to Secure Computing’s SmartFilter™ Basic site filtering updates.


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