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DIRECWAY One-Way Internet Satellite System Combo with a DIRECTV Upgrade Kit for TV programming. This unit includes a 24X36" Elliptical Dish, Linear LNBF and an additional Dual LNB for DIRECTV 101° Satellite Programming, USB Ext. Satellite unit, Internet sign up Kit and Software. (This unit requires a telephone modem for upload purposes Download is via satellite at speeds comparable to DSL. It also includes a HUGHES GXCEB0T DIRECTV with TiVo Multi-Satellite System Satellite receiver with a built-in TiVo Personal Recorder. Dolby Digital Output and IR Remote, up to 35 hours recording time with dual tuner. Record 2 different shows while watching a recorded one. WILL NOT RECORD IN HDTV. *Actual recording capacity depends on type of programming being recorded.
Retails at: $699.95  
Our Discount: $250.00  
Your Price: $449.95  

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For new DIRECTV customers. Internet and TV on one dish., Win 2000 and WinXP
You must activate the DIRECTV and TiVo services to qualify for this offer.

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The price above applies only to new DIRECTV Subscribers
Your options for TiVo Service are:

• No monthly fees - with $249.95 for the lifetime of the recorder, or
• Pay as you go - for $9.95 per month
If you already own a TiVo Combo DIRECTV Receiver:
Then you are only subject to the DIRECTV $5 mirroring fee.  No Additional TiVo monthly.  You can have as many TiVo combos as you want in the same household for only $5 per unit per month for DIRECTV and TiVo service.

Some TiVo Features

The GXCEB0T receiver/recorder provides access to DIRECTV programming and features the TiVo service. The result is a combined television experience whereby viewers can watch what they want, when they want.

Designed to offer you a gateway to the digitally networked home, the GXCEB0T digital satellite receiver delivers hundreds of channels of entertainment, including sports, 24-hour news, music, movies and special events in digital-quality video and sound through DIRECTV. Also, you can subscribe to local broadcast channels in select markets.

To take advantage of the wide spectrum of entertainment options available, the new receiver enables you to play, pause or rewind "live" television broadcasts. The GXCEB0T also records up to 30 hours of programming without videotape.

The GXCEB0T also enables you to control the TV experience. You can replay live TV for up to 30 minutes, fast forward or rewind the program’s original speed, create your own instant replays, and use slow motion control whenever you decide.

Among the key features of the TiVo service are: Season Pass , which allows users to automatically find and record every episode of a favorite show every time it airs; TiVo’s Suggestions, a personalized recording function that automatically records programs similar to the user’s favorites; and TiVoMatic previews, which records a show with the touch of a button after viewing an advertisement for the show. Other benefits include one-touch transfer of a recorded program on the hard disk drive to a VCR .

Hughe's multi-satellite tuners takes advantage of all DIRECTV programming available across their entire system of 101°, 110° and 119° satellite orbits to bring new and future programming options to you.

The tuners feature an intuitive satellite antenna selection via the on-screen menu guide for expanding the channels to include the additional programming from these satellites.

Product ID Description Valued at:
   GXCEB0T  WOW $49.95 For Exsisting DIRECTV Customers. (Limited Quantities)
HUGHES GXCEB0T DIRECTV with TiVo Multi-Satellite System with a built-in TiVo digital video recorder. Dolby Digital Output and IR Remote. The 35 hours TiVo recorder with dual tuner records 2 different shows while watching a recorded one. Support for all DIRECTV Satellite locations at 101°,110° & 119°. *Actual recording capacity depends on type of programming being recorded.
   DirecDuo-DR  DIRECWAY® One-Way Satellite Internet System with a DIRECTV® Upgrade Kit for TV programming. This unit includes a 28" X 38" Elliptical Dish, 1 LNBF for Internet, Dual LNB for multi receiver households,External USB Satellite unit, Internet sign up Software and Software. (This unit requires a telephone modem for upload purposes Download is via satellite at speeds comparable to DSL. (For existing DIRECTV customers looking to upgrade or for future use with a DIRECTV receiver later). Installation may be purchased separately - see our PRO-2200I installation. $399.95
Total Value of:$1,099.90 

   Kinds of WishList™
   OneLine Guide
   Parental Controls
   Recording space is maximized by automatic recording adjustment
   Search Using WishList™
   Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down
   TiVo's Recording Features
   WishList™ Auto Record

   225 channels capable
   32 Bit microprocessor
   Digital Quality Video and Audio
   Dolby® Digital (AC-3)
   Event Scheduler
   Low power consumption, cool operation make the Receiver suitable for mounting in a closed cabinet
   NTSC Analog : 1
   One-Button Record.

   Baseband Stereo Audio outputs (RCA-style connectors) : 2
   Control Out: 305 mm Minijach Socket : 2
   Dolby Digital Optical (TosLink connector)
   Modular Telco : 1
   RCA Type Audio/Video connectors : 2
   RF Input : 1
   RF Output : 1
   S-Video output (Mini DIN Connector) : 1
   Satellite Input : 2

   24X36" Elliptical Dish with Tri-Mode Linear LNBF
   Dual LNBF
   Round LNB arm minimizes snow build-up; helps maintain signal quality in winter

DVR Features

   Dual Tuner*

   Cabinet Color : Black
Dimensions: W: 15" H: 3" D: 12"
   Shipping Weight : 22
Warranty: Parts: 1 Year Labor: 90 Days


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