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The very best amplified TV antenna! The TV50 is designed for a great deal of installation flexibility, depending upon location, reception conditions and the options available for indoor or outdoor installation.

The TV50 easily installs in the attic, garage, exterior home wall or indoors along a perimeter wall. All that you have to do is temporarily place it in the most convenient place and see where it performs best. No matter where, the TV50 easily installs with three stainless steel screws

Included with the TV50 is an exclusive "One Wire Solution" kit that saves installation time and requires only one wire entering your home for both DIRECTV and TV reception. A pair of high-grade signal diplexers are included with the TV50.

The TV50 is your best connection to great reception.
More information about the TERK TV50 PDF File


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  • Reception Technology
    The TV50 outdoor/indoor antenna is a patented Horizontally Polarized Half-wavelength design that maximizes the reception of both VHF and UHF signals. An +11dBswitch-able, internal amplifier that can aid the antenna in rural locations and cable attenuation, is powered via an 18V DC Power Injector located before TV hookup.
  • Orientation
    Because the TV50 is horizontally polarized, it must be installed parallel to the ground or floor. Television receivers in fringe areas, forty to sixty miles from a transmitter, often suffer from signal weakness. Locating the TV50 as high as possible on a rooftop ,in an attic, along an exterior or interior wall can improve reception. When installing the TV50 at buildings with Metal Siding or with Foil-lined Wall insulation, an outdoor installation is required. Even inside non-metallic buildings, television signals may be influenced by Large Metal Objects such as appliances, mirrors, metal doors, metal window frames, or even nearby metallic buildings. Locate the antenna as far away from these objects as possible.

  • Reception Pattern
    TV50 operates in a Figure-8 Pick-up Pattern. It captures VHF and UHF signals from in front of it and from behind it. It is considerably more responsive than omni-directional antennas. However, with the improved range, the antenna must be positioned so that it faces the TV broadcast transmitters. See the
    Pick-up Pattern Diagrams for a detailed description of the TV50 reception performance versus omni directional antennas.

    Designed and Engineered in the U.S.

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Usable Range
VHF: 60 miles, conditions permitting
UHF: 60 miles, conditions permitting
Performance Specifications
When using the TV50 in combination with a DIRECTV System, utilize the TV50 One Wire Solution Kit which allows both the DIRECTV dish and the TV50 antenna to be combined onto one coaxial cable. This minimizes installation time and need for excessive drilling and cable runs. Please note the
schematic diagram. The diplexers pass DC current to both the DIRECTV LNB and the TV50's internal amplifier. A voltage regulator inside the TV50 stabilizes any DC current fluctuation.
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  • Operating Bandwidth
    VHF: 54 MHz to 216 MHz
    UHF: 470 MHz to 890 MHz
    Pick-up Pattern: Figure 8
    Amplifier Gain: +11dB (Switch-able)
  • Power Supply: 18V DC 100 ma UL Listed
  • Voltage Regulator: Internal
  • Dimensions: 76 W x 2.5 H x 1.25
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