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Azimuth and Elevation Angles

In order to determine if you have a clear line-of-sight to the DISH Network satellite, you will need the azimuth and elevation angles. Simply download our DISH Network Application - ZIP Code Program - zipcode.exe -

The DISH Network Application - ZIP Code program provides a display that is much like the one in EchoStar's DBS receiver. Enter your ZIP Code where indicated and choose which satellite you want to point to. The ZIP Code program will calculate the azimuth and elevation you would use to mount and aim a dish antenna at your location.

Click Here to Download the dish tuning menu

Software Requirement
Windows 95 or higher

Hardware Requirements
386-based PC or higher
245k disk space

Download our DISH Network Application - ZIP Code Program Required Files

119 has our CORE programming,
61.5 and 148 has our SPECIALIZED programming.

Click Here to find out more about our SPECIALIZED programming.

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