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Search Tips

General Search Tips

Basic searching
How our search works
Choosing keywords
Site searches
Section searches
Advanced searches (Manufacturer, Category, Sub Category, Search Item)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to type whole words?
Can I use multiple keywords?
Do capital letters matter?
Does spelling matter?

General Search Tips

Basic searching

To search the Web site, simply enter one or more keywords into the Search box and then either click on one of the buttons or press your computer's [enter] or [return] key. We'll look for matches to the keyword (or words) you entered and display them. If you're getting no results, check to make sure you're spelling your keywords correctly. If you're using multiple keywords, you may get better results if you use fewer words. You can also try using shorter versions of your keywords (see "How our search works" for an explanation).

How our search works

We use the keywords you enter to try and find exact matches, and then we try to find similar matches. We find similar matches by doing what's called "stemming" we take the keyword you entered and try to make it into longer words. For instance, if you enter "comp," we'll try "compact" and "computer" along with other options. This generates more results, but sometimes the results you get back are a little surprising.

We ignore punctuation, since it's not that useful. Well, it's useful for communicating, but not for searching databases.

We assume an AND. You probably don't want to know about Boolean operators, so let's just say that we assume your search results need to have all of the keywords you enter. If you enter three keywords, you'll get back only the results that have all three. If something has just two, it won't show up.

Choosing keywords

Generally speaking, shorter is better (see "How our search works" for information on stemming). Also, entering fewer keywords will usually turn up a longer list of results, while entering more keywords will usually generate fewer results.

Site searches

Please note that this feature is not Yet available.
When you search the entire Web site, we look for both products and site text matches to your keyword(s). For example, if you enter "television," we'll find all of our televisions (we have quite a few) and we'll also find the Televisions main page, as well as any articles or reviews we may have on televisions.  

Section searches

When you search within a section, we check our product catalogs to find matches to your search. For example, if you enter "satellite," we'll find products with "satellite" in their description, like satellite, satellite systems, satellite accessories, satellite equipment and so on.

Advanced searches (
Manufacturer, Category, Sub Category, Search Item)

In the Advanced Search sections, you can narrow your focus, searching by
Manufacturer, Category, Sub Category or actual Search Item For example, if you search for "Satellite " in Manufacturer, you'll find the every satellite product relate manufactured by the brand you search for. You'll get both exact matches and similar searches, by the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to type whole words?
A: No, but it will help us be more accurate in generating results. If you find that you're not getting as many results as you want, you can try to generate more by using shorter forms of words.

Q: Can I use multiple keywords?
A: Yes, but we'll only provide results with all of your keywords in them. So if you search for "satellite modem" you'll only get results with both words in them. If we have any satellites with built-in modems, you'd get those.

Q: Do capital letters matter?
A: No, our search engine is "case-insensitive." It doesn't care whether you capitalize or not. Even if your English teacher does.

Q: Does spelling matter?
A: Yes. Computers are fairly limited in their ability to guess. We'll try, but you'll usually get much better results if you spell your keywords correctly.

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