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Kindly complete and submit the following information. By doing so, you will receive regular up-to-date e-mail communications regarding special news, programs, and promotions available from Orbit Communication.
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*   All of the information above is needed.   Your name and data is held confidential. You will not receive unsolicited phone calls.  This form is designed to only keep you updated about your system and changes in the industry. This service is FREE of charge provided that the form is completed properly.  We offer FREE Technical Support for Orbit  Communications' customers.

In order to keep you updated with the latest news regarding your system.
We need to know which system you own:
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I wish to receive information relating to the following:

C-Band Hardware

Dish Network

Home Theater



DirecPC or DirecDuo

The following information is not required, but would be useful in
helping to determine future promotions that might suit your desires:

Please list any other offices/companies from which you have ever
purchased your satellite television hardware and channels:

Total family members residing in household?
Are there children in the household?

Which is the MOST important reason for owning your satellite system?

Reception and Clarity
Broad Selection of Channels
Access to services not available on cable tv or small dish systems
Low Price and Value of C-band prices as compared to other reception services

Which is MOST important to you with respect to purchasing your hardware and channels:

An overall trust in the company from whom I make my purchases.
Superior Customer Service

Do you generally?

Have the same company service your satellite system
Have different companies service your satellite system
Purchase all of your programming from the same office.
Purchase some channels from one place and other channels from another.

How did you find out about Orbit Communications?

 * Other:

Briefly describe any problems or concerns you may have (or had) with your
current or past program provider:

Please give us the name of your old satellite dealer(s) or programming provider(s):

Briefly describe your primary reason for considering Orbit Communication Corporation:

Please provide any other information or comments that you may consider useful to us:

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