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Program Overview

Do as Much or as Little as You Want
Partners run the gamut when it comes to the types of stores they build. As an Orbitsat.com Partner, you are welcome to use an Orbitsat.com Logo as a homepage link; list your favorite satellite, DVD players, Home Theater equipment, or electronic gadget, or recommend dozens, hundreds, or
thousands of any of these products! You earn up to 10% on every featured satellite system sold as a result of your recommendation and link! You also earn 5 percent for all other products you list or the customer buys. (That includes DVD players, Home Theater equipment, or electronic gadget and many other products.) Click here for details on the referral fees you'll earn. (Consumer electronics are subject to a maximum referral fee of $50.00 per item sold.) 

If you don't want to make individual recommendations, you can just place an Orbitsat.com logo with a homepage link or a search box on your site. The Orbitsat.com logo quickly and easily allows your site to earn 5% for every DVD players, Home Theater equipment, or electronic gadget or other item sold through the general link. It's really that easy to get started. Check out our linking methods to get a better idea of what kind of links are available. 

You can start small and then build up as you discover what your audience is most interested in. Visit some of our current Partners to see some great examples of online stores. 

We Take Care of the Hard Part
Once you refer visitors to us, we ensure that they receive the best service on the Web. We'll give them detailed information about the every item in our cyberstore, securely process their orders, promptly send their products, and courteously handle all customer service issues. We will make sure that your visitors have a satisfying purchasing experience because we know that the service we provide reflects on you and your Web site.

Reports and Payments
Every Month, you'll receive a report detailing how each of your links is doing. You'll always know which products are selling and which are not. You'll know how much you've earned in referral fees, and we're always here to help when you have questions. At the end of each quarter, we'll send you a check for the referral fees you earned in the previous three months. For more details, visit our FAQ section.
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