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DVD-Movie Theater Experience at Home We're bringing home entertainment into the 21st century with DVD System. With full motion digital-quality audio and video, DVD System will provide an unprecedented Home Theatre experience--all conveniently packaged on a 5" disc.

Picture The DVD System delivers a picture with over twice the definition of standard VHS. The high-density technology on the DVD disc stores over two times the number of pixels (720 per horizontal line RCA Models and 500 all other models) compared to standard VHS (320 per horizontal line).

The Disc A 4.7 gigabyte DVD disc can hold on one side more information than seven compact discs or over three thousand 3-1/2" floppy discs. This increased storage capacity can accommodate more feature films, languages and subtitles than any other high-density discs.

DVD discs use the same digital technology that revolutionized the music industry with the audio compact disc, giving the DVD Player a vast dynamic range. And because it uses digital audio technology, the DVD Player also plays CDs, offering playback features similar to those on most CD players.


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Installation Help
Very easy to connect. Simply Connect your RCA type Jacks.  If you have a Dolby Digital or DTS capable surround sound receiver simply connect your optical or your PCM/RF wire to start enjoying the true 5+1 Digital Sound
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DVD creates the sharpest, most life-like picture you've ever seen on a TV!

Ultrasharp image of Free Willy Blurred images of Free Willy
DVD - 720 pixels
per horizontal line
Conventional Video - 240 pixels
per horizontal line
With  DVD, you'll notice a dramatic sharpness in your TV picture. That's because the DVD creates images with much smaller pixels, and many more of them-720 pixels per horizontal line, versus just 240-so shapes and forms are crystal-clean, razor-sharp, and far more detailed than even today's best video players can produce. That's  digital technology at work.
Dolby AC3 5.1
Channel Digital Surround Sound
Surround Sound graphic
With a  DVD player, your home theater can experience the same audio performance as the best movie theaters. With Dolby AC3 Digital Surround Sound, six discrete audio channels envelop you in the most realistic sound you've ever experienced. A three-dimensional audio environment where sound comes from anywhere and everywhere in the room, and moves with the action on screen. And with a separate sub-woofer channel, the audio will pulse with a resonance you can actually feel. There are even outputs for Dolby Pro-Logic Surround Sound, standard stereo, and mono audio as well.

An entire movie on a single side!

DISCS DVD can deliver up to 133 minutes of brilliant, full-motion video per side, with a clarity and sharpness far beyond anything you've seen on your TV. You can jump instantly to any section of the movie, without rewinding or fast-forwarding. There's slow-motion and freeze-frame, too.

Parental control:
You select the ratings from G to NC-17

Family in front of DVD unit Select the ratings version you prefer to watch: G, PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17. Your   DVD player will automatically play the version you choose - as programmed by the producer.

Audio tracks in eight different languages, and subtitles in 32 languages

Now, the world's movies can be universal. One touch of your  remote switches the sound tracks from English to French, to Spanish, or to any languages the producers have included. You can also select subtitles in up to 32 different languages with illustrated charts, graphics and icons included!

Your choice of camera angles

Be your own director! Switch from long shots to close-ups, high angles, or low - whatever options are encoded in the movie you're watching. Producers can even offer you a choice of multiple endings or story lines on the same disk.

Hundreds of movies to choose from

 Major Hollywood studios have already adopted this revolutionary new format, so you'll have hundreds of top movie titles to choose from immediately. And thousands will follow, giving you the widest possible selection of everything from the classics to the very latest theatrical features.

Your choice of screen formats

Now, select the screen format to suit the movie you're watching. For some movies, you may prefer standard 4x3 pan and scan - for big-screen epics, the letterbox version. There's even a special widescreen mode for today's advanced 16x9 televisions. Your DVD can include all three formats on the same disc - each selectable from your remote control.

4x3 pan and scan letterbox format 16x9 format (Wide Screen Theater)