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As a commercial user, you need high quality, superior, sensibly priced equipment so you can deliver the best possible service. Serious dish owners can use these same products that service professionals use for headend systems in apartments, hotels and back yard installations.




Comes rack mountable!

The Monterey 100 C+ Receiver is a top-of-the-line receiver that allows ample versatility in commercial applications from education and business to private cable and broadcast situations. The PC-programmable memory board allows computer control for scheduling and activating downlinks, uplinks, and feeds to remote sites. Multi-standard capable for international NTSC/PAL/SECAM broadcast reception. 25-event VCR timer. IR/UHF remote included.
Monterey 100 C+ $1349.95
The Drake ESR 1450 provides everything you need to deliver a superior picture. The ESR 1450 has dual IF bandwidth for noise reduction, and includes an unfiltered and unclamped video output for use with a descrambler. Comes decoder compatible for use with an external descrambler or B-MAC. For reliable commercial use, you can't beat the Drake ESR 1450!
Drake ESR 1450 $399.95
This compact, portable testing instrument is ideal for trouble-shooting, maintenance, and adjustment of all types of systems so you can consistently ensure accurate signal levels and satisfactory operation of the receiving system. The TSM 1000 also measures signal levels associated with off-air TV systems and cable TV installations.
Drake TSM 1000 $1098.95
Hook up a dish and be on the air in minutes without running an extension cord. SATLOOK lets you view the entire satellite transmission spectrum so you can evaluate the strength of any satellite transponder. Plus, you can track C/Ku ban accurately for the optimal signal. A durable carrying case is included to carry SATLOOK with you. 90 day warranty on labor and parts.
SATLOOK $899.95

The power-packed TA-52 amplifier is ideal for medium and large MATV systems that require a strong output. Signal control is provided through front panel design, and UHF/VHF input can be combined or separated. Low band VHF, high band VHF & UHF frequencies have separate gain and switchable attenuators. (17" L x 5" D x 3" H) • 60 dB output capacity • Output monitor test points • Power off/on switch • Independently adjustable VHF-high, VHF Low & UHF gain • Switchable input attenuators • Separate or combined inputs • Easy to mount


Price: $199.99

  The model MCM-30 amplifier is designed for medium to large size MATV systems. (8 3/8" L x 3 3/4" D x 1 7/8" H) • 2-switchable FM trap: SW-1 88-96 Mhz - 20dB, SW-2 95-108 Mhz-20dB • Bandwidth: VHF low 54 to 108 Mhz high 174 to 216 MHz, gain 31 dB, noise 5 dB • Power output: 7 channels VHF@ 20dBmv max input, 52 dBmv max ouput


Price: $79.99

  The model MCM-55 is a low noise, high output amplifier using a CATV push-pull hybrid output module. (8 3/8" L x 3 3/4" D x 1 7/8" H) • Bandwidth 54-300 Mhz • High output • Low noise • Push-Pull for low distortion • 55 dB gain • Adjustable slope control • Input and output test points • Designed for MATV apartment distribution systems

VFH Push-Pull

Price: $179.99

This is a fully agile modulator with a 23-channel coverage and adjustable +45 dBmv power output. You can adjust the channel output when necessary. Up-front controls for ease of use, loop-through connections for both audio and video, automatic frequency offsets, and selectable power input makes it as versatile as it is reliable.
Drake VM2310 Commercial Modulator $449.95
With its ample frequency coverage and clear readouts, this is your solution to all your downlink and maintenance problems. It's ideal for field testing and obtaining precise critical alignment and tracking measurements necessary for maximum signal reception. Ask your Product Representative for more details.
Avcom PSA 37DP $2395.95
For setting up your own channel output system, you can't beat this high-output modulator. The low-profile, crystal-controlled PCM-55 provides a modulated visual and audio RF carrier output on any single VFH(2-13), midband (A-I), or superband (J-L) channels. Also, the PCM-55 can be inserted on any unused channel within a closed circuit MATV or SMATV system.
PCM-55 (Please specify the exact channel number) $169.95

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