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DirecPC $299.95*
How Does it work? . . . Very fast.
The speed of DirecPC is the result of using advanced satellite technology, rather than crowded computer networks and outmoded telephone systems that are constantly flooded or clogged. DirecPC downloads content from the Internet directly from the server to their satellite network and straight into the back of your PC. A constant stream of content. And the kind of Internet experience you always dreamed about but never thought possible.

At 400 Kbps, DirecPC Turbo Internet service gives you the highest speed Internet access available nationwide. And no matter how much you use the Internet, there's a DirecPC Service Plan that's right for you.

Forget the Information Highway. Here's the Autobahn !
It's just not built into the average computer jockey's psyche to wait for stuff. We want it all and we want it now. That's where Hughes Network Systems DirecPC Personal Edition with Turbo Internet Comes in. Like the Real Autobahn, it takes you a long way in a very short time.

This satellite-based system grabs the Internet, throws it 22,300 miles into space to a satellite, bounces it back down to a 21" dish on your roof, and shoots it straight into your PC. Elapsed time: almost enough for one hiccup. Up to 400 kbps. 28 times faster than the average modem. 3X faster than ISDN lines. Mere seconds instead of minutes.

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