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Compare satellite Technologies
Comparing Technologies
Choose an icon below for our list of comparative advantages and disadvantages.

Each delivery system provides quality brand name programming. Here is a brief description of the four most popular technologies. You can choose any of the icons to see a full comparison.

This is the most widely used technology for receiving your television signal. Millions of customers enjoy the convenience of cable, but the picture you get with cable will not be as good as the picture from a satellite dish.

Click here for more infoThe DIRECTV digital satellite system has become one of the fastest selling consumer electronics products of all time in just under 4 years. Broadcasting a powerful signal and digital quality sound, DIRECTV, has over 225 channels to choose from.
A Sports Fan's dream come true. DIRECTV has professional and collegiate sports subscriptions. NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, WNBA and much more. DIRECTV is the best choice for satellite television.

Click here for more infoThe Dish Network has over 130 channels to choose from. It uses similar technologies as DIRECTV, but in some cases requires two satellite dishes.

Click here for more infoSince early '80's, C-Band satellite dishes have been available to residential home owners across the U.S. Cable companies, along with thousands of consumers, continue to choose C-Band technology to receive the widest variety of programming. From movies and music to sports and specials and more. C-Band is also the programming source for a small dish providers.