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4DTV First generation analog and digital signal.

Mini-Dish and cable TV: second generation analog and digital signal.

The 4DTV receiver allows you to receive first generation analog and digital signals-the same signals professional broadcasters receive. We call it Digital Master Broadcast. You'll call it simply amazing. Razor sharp video, along with crisp Dolby Digital (AC-3) audio will turn your home into a true home theater.

Freedom of choice. Ease of use. Professional quality first generation signal. It all adds up to the 4DTV receiver-the next level in satellite entertainment.

The 4DTV digital satellite receiver delivers professional quality signals to you right from the programming source, unlike the signals that the cable companies and mini-dish systems downlink, compress and then rebroadcast to their subscribers. We call it Digital Master Broadcast. You'll call it simply amazing.

Hundreds of channels of analog and digital programming in all their pristine clarity. Razor sharp, digital and analog video. Crisp, Dolby Digital (AC-3) technology to deliver Surround Sound audio and digital stereo. Your picture quality will always be better on the 4DTV system. There's simply no better television signal available anywhere at any price.

The 4DTV receiver is also High Definition TV and Internet access compatible so you'll be ready to take advantage of these services as they become available.

The most programming choices available anywhere. A clearer picture. A sophisticated Interactive Program Guide to make program location and selection a breeze. The ability to expand with new technology. The lowest programming cost of any television system. No wonder we say the 4DTV satellite receiver is truly the next level of satellite entertainment.